January 1 2023
I've had some great Instructors in my life. The greatest being my Parents, of course.
In the Martial Arts I've trained with some of the greatest names in the Industry: Roland Osborne, Dave Kovar, Chuck Liddell, Kathy Long, Bill (Superfoot) Wallace, Matt Hughes... and the list goes on.

However, the Instructor that shifted my mindset the most, was Grand Master Jhoon Rhee.
What else can I say about him now that hasn't been said of him by thousands of others?
It wasn't the physical training; although I never trained as hard in my life as when I tested before him.
It was his Philosophy on life.

As I start this New Year, I think of all the ways my life became "better" having met and trained and tested with him.
Discipline, Confidence, Courtesy... these weren't just words to him. These words were his life!
And, as any good Mentor, he expected the same from his Students.

Instructors, Parents, Mentors... they can't make those under their care do anything they don't want to do. They can only set the Example, and Live by the Example; and hope that they Inspire others to follow their lead.

In this New Year, I hope every Parent that reads this makes a commitment to become happier, healthier and physically stronger in 2023 by joining their children on the training floor.
Lead by Example in 2023!

See you in class;
                                                                                                  Power Up!
                                                                                                  Mr. Culin