Our hugely popular Youth program is offered for kids ages 4 to 12. Culin Karate's Life Skills Program is at the heart of this curriculum. Students meet twice a week (optional Saturday bonus class available).
                                          Teen & Adult

Our Teen and Adult program promotes physical fitness and stress relief. Students loves working out in these fun classes filled with challenge and camaraderie. Students meet twice a week (optional Saturday bonus class available). 

C.I.T. (Certified Instructor Training)

C.I.T. is a program for children and adults who potentially would like to have a career in the Martial Arts! It is an exclusive team. If you are interested in more information, please see one of our instructors for an interview.

 1. The Team Leader: 2. The Assistant:3. Junior Instructor: 4. Instructor: 5.Instructor L2, 6.Program Director:


This exciting program is all about self-defense. Centered around partner work, this martial art does not employ kata or forms.  This class is taught by Cane Master Black Belt Mr. Chris Mire

                              The Weapons Program

This program is ideally suited for the student who wants to increase their martial arts knowledge and excel in their training. This class is open to BBC and Leadership students. 

High Performance Demo Team

The High Performance Demo Team is comprised of talented Weapon and Hyper Training students. The team performs at school functions, community events and tournaments. Students meet one time a week in addition to their regular classes.

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Taught by the Award Winning and National Best Selling Author  Joseph J Culin 6th Dan
The"Black Belt Mentor"
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